Nuovo Nord is a social & recreational cycling club in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

We like to ride ‘fast’, but not too ‘hard’. We may be a little vain about how our bikes look, as well as what we wear while riding them, but we try not to take ourselves, or each other, too seriously.

We follow the rules, but not too intently.

We ride to justify eating a lot, and drinking good local beer.

Sharing the beauty of the ride is our mandate, and we thank the local friends & businesses that help us to do so through fuel, word-of-mouth, or just a place to hang.

Check out the shop for 2018 apparel orders. Reorders occur after 5 items have been ordered, with a delivery time of 4-6 weeks. You’ll be notified once the order has been placed, and once it’s ready to be delivered.