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Nuovo Nord is a social & recreational cycling club.

We like riding ‘fast’, but not too ‘hard’. We may be a little vain about how our bikes look, as well as what we wear while riding them, but we try not to take ourselves, or each other, too seriously.

We follow the rules, but not too intently.

We ride to justify eating a LOT, and drinking good local beer.

Sharing the beauty of the ride is our mandate, and we thank the local businesses that help us to do so through fuel, word-of-mouth, or just a place to hang.

Be Our Partner

If you like what we're doing and can provide one or more of the following, we'd love to hear from you:

· A place to meet up or end up for group rides (W/F/Sun.)
· A means to buy your stuff (parts & gear, coffee, food, drinks)
· 'Special' club products or deals
· Event partnerships for mutual promotion and fundraising
· Cash support to offset insurance, registration and kit costs

Partnership benefits for you (pending support level) would include our direct support, shared club naming (ie. Nuovo Nord-Your Name), a place on our jerseys, and mad thanks. We would proudly represent your brand on our jerseys and in our daily lives, and you'd gain exposure through our focused community of cyclists. email club@nuovonord.ca if this sounds cool.

Weekly rides


Tuesday nights
Meetup at 6:30pm for about 2 hours in the city on quiet roads or trails, perhaps a bit of climbing, definitely some friendly competition.


Freelance Fridays
New this year, an early ride for those who can get away for a couple hours Friday morning. Meetup is 8am and is open to riders from all clubs.


Sunday morning
A group ride outside city limits starting at daylight or 9am, whichever is later. Sometimes there will be multiple groups at different paces if there’s a big turnout.



We look for partners to help with and organize local events related to cycling. Email us at club@nuovonord.ca if you have an idea.


From weekend camping trips in the mountains, to overnight/24 hour tours, and international trips, we love riding together anywhere. Check out our spring 2017 trip details here.


Nuovo Nord is mostly interested in the 'odd' races in the Alberta calendar: the spring gravel grinders, the criteriums and of course, cyclocross and the 'cross enduros.


Membership in Nuovo Nord Cycling Club is $50/year & will be open soon for the 2017 season.

You can complete online registration with Zone4.

We also welcome second-claim members of other ABA clubs on our rides at no charge.

The benefits of being a member of Nuovo Nord Cycling Club are:
· Group rides several times a week to meet your recreational, social, and fitness needs
· Organized trips several times a year to ride exciting terrain locally or internationally
· Great company with young riders that don’t take things too seriously
· Rider’s insurance for all club organized rides
· Register for mid-week racing as a member of an ABA Club
· Save $50 on your ABA/UCI race license
· Growing relationships with local businesses and community groups

2017 Nuovo Nord Cycling Apparel

2017's kit is a reprint of the 2016 cyclocross season with slight adjustments and some additional pieces. The classic graphic style is suitable for all occasions and is a standout amongst local clubwear.


  • Short or long sleeve
  • Mens and womens cuts
  • Full-length zipper
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  • Short or long sleeve
  • With or without pockets
  • Fleece lining available
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  • Light or mid weight
  • Full zip
  • Classic design
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