2020 Ride Guidelines

Effective June 3, 2020, Alberta Health Services and the Alberta Bicycle Association has allowed the return to cycling club activities, with some guidelines for the safety of our members and the general public.

  • Rides are limited to 10 participants
  • No one with symptoms of illness will be allowed to participate
  • All riders from different households must maintain 2m of physical distancing at all times (moving or stopped)
  • All members of a club must sign a COVID exemption waiver relieving the club and ABA of responsibility if there is a COVID-19 transfer during a club activity
  • Ride leaders must be prepared to provide first aid or mechanical assistance and carry the PPE necessary to do so safely

Given this situation, Nuovo Nord has decided to implement further policies to further mitigate risk:

  • All cyclists on group rides must be active members of Nuovo Nord or another ABA affiliated club (no guest/one-day trial riders), with a signed COVID exemption waiver
  • Thursday rides will be suspended until AHS has approved the full opening of café/bar patios