Membership in Nuovo Nord Cycling Club is $60/year & is now open for 2020. You can complete online registration with Zone4.

All cyclists are welcome to join any of our rides for the first time on a trial basis, subject to the terms of the ABA waiver.

We also welcome second-claim members from other ABA clubs on our rides at no charge.

Some of the benefits of being a member of Nuovo Nord Cycling Club are:

  • Group rides several times a week to meet your recreational, social, and fitness needs
  • Organized trips to ride exciting terrain locally or internationally
  • Great company with young(ish) riders that don’t take things too seriously
  • Rider’s insurance for all club organized rides
  • Participate in ABA mid-week race series/spring series
  • Save $50 on your ABA/UCI race license (compared to registering independent)
  • Growing relationships with local businesses and community groups