Membership in Nuovo Nord Cycling Club is FREE for 2021. All club members must hold a General Membership or race license from the Alberta Bicycle Association which you can purchase on Zone4, for insurance purposes.

After obtaining your ABA membership, please also complete the form below so we have complete information for our records, and join our Strava club to be notified about upcoming rides and meet up times and locations.

All cyclists are welcome to join any of our rides for the first time on a trial basis, subject to the terms of the ABA waiver.

We also welcome second-claim members from other ABA clubs on our rides at no charge.

Some of the benefits of being a member of Nuovo Nord Cycling Club are:

  • Group rides several times a week to meet your recreational, social, and fitness needs
  • Organized trips to ride exciting terrain locally or internationally
  • Great company with young(ish) riders that don’t take things too seriously
  • Rider’s insurance for all club organized rides
  • Participate in ABA mid-week race series/spring series
  • Save $50 on your ABA/UCI race license (compared to registering independent)
  • Growing relationships with local businesses and community groups

Membership Form

Please read our privacy policy before submitting your personal information.